Training & Development

Risk Corps Security Training

Risk Corps boasts with a broad spectrum of training capabilities. Training consultants and instructors are from extensive military, law enforcement and security backgrounds. The competency that this type of experience equips one with remains unmatched by our competitors. Training and development services are available for commercial and private security sectors, as well as government, military and law enforcement entities.

Curriculum Development & Education

We assist our clients in the development of training curricula within various fields including security, logistics and humanitarian. We strive to develop the highest caliber, yet achievable, theoretical and practical training courses. We aim to improve both the knowledge and the skills of employees, thus ultimately improving their overall performance.

Tactical Training

With a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, our courses are well regarded. The content is relevant, comprehensive and arranged according to a progressive skill building format which will ensure the success of most candidates. Yet it remains challenging enough to guarantee that trainees are well-prepared.

  • high-risk live fire
  • firearms & marksmanship
  • counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency
  • force protection
  • conservation security
  • basic and advanced driver training
  • specialised weapons and tactics
  • urban-zone operations
  • basic and advanced executive protection
  • off-road driver
  • maritime security
  • medical training
  • customised courses
Canine Training

Canine detection units are critical to certain security operations. Risk Corps can train canine units in accordance with the specific function they will be performing.

  • explosive detection
  • narcotic detection
  • tactical canine
  • mine detection canine
  • anti-poaching and tracking canines
  • canine handlers and trainers
  • kennel design and set-up
Exercise Planning & Support

We offer logistical and planning solutions to any force that may require additional support for their exercises. Support may include role players, instructors, logistics and more.

Scenario Based Training

Risk Corps uses real-world scenarios for scenario training. This aids the development of critical thinking skills and appropriate reactive responses. We examine familiar and unfamiliar situations, relevant to known and unknown environments, and train trainees accordingly. This helps instill the most appropriate responses to a wide variety of situations.

Client Based & Customised Training

Risk Corps can develop training courses tailored to the specific needs of the client, presenting an effective training solution for any situation.

Security Personnel Training

Risk Corps provides training for security personnel, whether low or high-risk.

  • control-room operator
  • static guard training
  • cash in transit (CIT/VIT)