Core Values

Security Philosphy

Security is not a stand-alone safety issue but an integral to optimal business performance. Risk Corps’ goal is to assist our clients, through our professional security services, in protecting their assets while optimising their business’s efficiency.

Leadership Philosophy

We believe that the success of any sorganisation relies on effective leadership. A leader is the inspiration for and director of action. Our leaders lead by example; they strive for excellence and set high standards while providing constant guidance to fine-tune the knowledge, skills and abilities of their team members.


We strive to continuously provide top of the range, professional security and risk management services to our clients. Our services ensure that we may, together with our clients, secure a future in an unpredictable world with an ever-growing security concern. We believe in a strong, ethical work force and will maintain that belief regardless of challenges that come our way.


We aim to consistently maintain and provide world class services while expanding our service base, not only to include an increasingly dynamic and accomplished staff infrastructure, but also to eventually become a global service leader in the industry. With our knowledge and unique experience in the field, we aim to provide an increasingly valuable service to an ever-broadening customer base.


Risk Corps is, at all times, guided by its fundamental principles. These principles are used as a tool to interpret and evaluate information and possible courses of action. This enables Risk Corps to make swift decisions that remain in-line with its business ethos, even when faced with new situations. Professionalism, service excellence, integrity, discretion, accountability and teamwork are fundamental in our functioning

Quality Policy

At Risk Corps we are committed to delivering the highest caliber training, services and products while remaining cost effective. Our proactive approach requires the company and staff to take all possible measures to prevent, mitigate or avoid any undesirable events and their consequences as effectively as possible. Through a respectful and disciplined approach we have developed a culture that adheres to human rights, public safety, high training standards and respect for the environment.

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Risk Corps abides by the laws and regulations of the host nation. This includes the prohibition of acts such as bribery and corruption. Furthermore, our ethical code ensures that human rights are protected at all times. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is undersigned by all board members, officers, employees, contractors, agents, consultants and representatives. It informs them of their obligations and responsibilities relating to our fundamental values.