Risk Corps Defence Logistics


We work closely with the governments of the host nation on several fronts. With a wide range of services and products to select from, we ensure that there is always benefits to the host government in working with us.

  • defence and intelligence
  • domestic and international security
  • contingency operations
Diplomacy & Development

The threat of extremism and micro wars have shattered many individual’s illusions of peace and have given strategies against state failure, a new sense of urgency. The growing awareness of the complex and intertwined problems of human security, socioeconomic underdevelopment and governance deficits as root causes of precarious statehood made policy have shown the urgent need to blend security, diplomacy and development together to build self-reliance, lift lives and build communities

Hospitality & Tourism

Risk Corps is a sought-after provider of security and logistics services to the hospitality and tourism. Working closely with management at all levels, Risk Corps develops tailor made solutions for protecting clients and staff. Our team members work alongside staff members. As visitors often abuse local sites, and attractions, be it historical, natural wonder, museums, or hotels our discrete and professional approach to security in the hospitality sector. Our advisory and safe travel programs serve to ensure that travel executives remain secure in all at-risk areas the will be exposed to.


We support insurance companies by assisting in investigations in high-risk areas through various means.  We provide logistical as well as security support alongside the investigative man power.

Critical National Infrastructure

Due to the sensitivity and nature of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) we provide the security services to the sector.

  •     power generation and distribution
  •     telecommunications
  •     airports
  •      maritime

Whether it is operating in emerging markets which pose a number of inherent risks from a both a security and intellectual property perspective or you need a partner to get your finished products into your distribution channel, Risk Corps is that partner. Whether providing physical security for defense manufacturing or brand protection for international companies Risk Corps is able to leverage the breadth of its global experience to ensure that clients can continue to operate in adverse conditions. We work with some of the leading manufacturers to move their products into Africa and other world destinations. We provide the logistic solutions so that you can focus on your products. We help move your products to your customers and distributors securely and at the lowest possible cost.

Mines & Energy

All our services are well suited for this sector especially in high risk areas.

  •    oil and gas
  •    procurement
  •     construction
  •    energy generation and distribution
  •     mining

We provide support through various means and channels to conservation efforts. This may widely vary from security and logistics all the way through to contingency projects.

  •       Unexploded ordinance and mine clearance
  •       research projects
  •       aid projects
  •      awareness projects
  •      anti-poaching efforts