Risk Corps Defence security logistics

Risk Corps offers stimulating careers and job opportunities in a variety of professional fields. Specialising in a wide variety of services, we are always looking for the right personnel from logistics through to top security consultants. We recruit highly skilled and qualified personnel with a background in the private sector, as well as those with a foundation in the military and law enforcement. We seek individuals who will contribute positively to our innovative team. Professionalism, accountability, international mindset and integrity are crucial to our endeavor. It follows that these are the fundamental characteristics that we look for in prospective employees.

A large amount of our personnel are temporarily contracted. They follow the same security clearance and recruitment process as permanent staff members. We look for the same a characteristics in our contracted personnel than we do for in our permanent staff.

Having the right person in the right place is mission critical and makes all the difference to the success of an operation or venture. May it be negociating a contract on the corporate side or the man in the field making cost effective logistical decisions.

For further information or assistance with your application process, please feel free to contact Risk Corps recruitment: