Security & Risk Management

Risk Corps Defence Security Logistics

Risk Corps is a dynamic security provider adapted to meet the challenges of the modern world. Using the most accomplished personnel from the security sector we provide a high quality product and services.

Facility Protection

Risk Corps can offer security services to safeguard at-risk facilities, regardless of how remote the location may be.

  • armed posts
  • unarmed posts
  • emergency response
  • access control
  • managing security function
  • site security development training
  • remote monitoring through technology
  • effective management of Risk Corps or out-sourced personnel
  • development of policies and procedures
  • providing accredited security professionals
  • perimeter security
High- Threat Protection

Risk Corps can offer high-threat protection services.

  • escorts, close personal protection and executive protection services
  • ensure route and venue clearance
  • security advance, counter-attack and counter surveillance teams
  • communication plans
  • convoys and motorcades
  • emergency action plans and strategies
  • personal security details
  • point-to-point deliveries
  • quick reaction forces
  • reporting procedures
  • tactical operations center
  • provision of trained drivers
  • provision of vehicles
  • tracking systems
Aviation Security

Risk Corps can offer aviation management solutions to promote safety, security and efficiency of airports and airlines

  • security master planning
  • threat and risk assessment
  • operational security assessment
  • operations planning
  • security design
  • systems maintenance
  • security management
  • baggage and screening
  • technology solutions
Maritime Security

Risk Corps can provide services to assist maritime clients in safeguarding their personnel, facilities, operations and secure transit.

  • escorts
  • vessel protection
  • onshore and offshore facility protection
  • security management
  • onboard security personnel
  • marine conservation
Risk & Security Consulting

Risk Corps can provide risk assessments to enable the detection of both physical and operational vulnerabilities according to the ISO 31000 standard. Furthermore, Risk Corps can develop a comprehensive security plan to mitigate these risks.

  • security audits and surveys
  • security risk and vulnerability analysis
  • operational security planning
  • security design and engineering
  • security policy development
  • security program implementation
  • advisory and expertise
  • red team operations
  • active shooter
  • facility counter-terrorism
  • embedded advisors
  • gap analysis
  • Comprehensive security research
Technical Security Systems

Risk Corps can offer a number of technical security solutions. We do assessments, lay-out and systems design, installation and maintenance.

  • CCTV
  • alarms
  • technology integration services
  • RIFD tracking solutions
  • scanners
  • access control systems
  • tracking and monitoring
Cyber Security

Risk Corps’ cyber security services work closely with leading entities in the field and can offer the following services.

  • computer forensics
  • cyber security
  • training and awareness workshops
  • penetration testing
  • application security testing
  • secure cloud storage/ data hosting
UAV Operations

Risk Corps makes use of the latest technology to provide its clients with the most modern and cost effective solutions. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be used for a wide range of services.

  • threat detection (aircrafts, vessels, vehicles, personnel and wildlife)
  • mapping
  • leak detection and isolation
  • vegetation encroachment
  • power-line monitoring
  • pipe-line monitoring
  • fire detection analysis
  • ground, air and water sampling
  • orthographic imaging and evaluation profiles
  • I-STAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance)
Crisis Response

Risk Corps offers the following services to manage crisis situations.

  • crisis management planning
  • crisis simulation training
  • crisis response services
  • post crisis recovery services
  • contingency operations and support (kidnap and ransom, evacuations, special operations,   logistics)
Investigative Services

Risk Corps offers the following investigative services.

  • background checks/ pre-employment
  • social media checks
  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Corporate
  • Domestic
  • Surveillance and Intelligence
Ancillary Support

Risk Corps can also provide the following additional services.

  • program oversight
  • on the ground intelligence
  • translators
  • embedded staff
  • tactical operations center
  • emergency action plans
  • special assignments
  • travel advisory