Logistics & Support

Risk Corps Our Business

Risk Corps can provide clients with a wide variety of logistical support services, from operational logistics to supply chain management. Through precise planning and professional execution, we assist organisations in maintaining their competitive edge.

Operational Logistics

Precise planning and professional execution enables Risk Corps to offer logistical services in any environment.

  • management of logistics operations in hostile and conflict environments
  • rapid deployment of logistical systems
  • construction logistics
  • emergency logistics and evacuations
  • supply chain management
  • global and domestic logistics
  • transportation services
  • distribution logistics
  • freight brokerage services
  • customs clearances
  • border crossings and Veritas inspections
  • on board courier service
  • secure courier services
  • project cargo
  • specialised cargo handling
  • warehouse design, layout, and management
  • digital logistics [warehouse visibility]
  • life-cycle management
  • disposal logistics
  • budget development and management
  • contingency operations
  • new business development
  • provision of end user certificates
  • power generation
  • fleet management
  • operations and maintenance

Risk Corps’ goal is to obtain the required materials, services or products at the best possible cost within the time constraint of our client. Procurement logistics can become quite complex. It often involves the management of a large number of products, multiple interacting agents and logistic networks, global sourcing and extended replenishment periods or lead times.

Risk Corps manages:

  • quantities to be supplied
  • supply frequency
  • impact on supply chain inventory
  • demand forecasting
  • quality of service delivery
  • vendor selection
  • compliance dates
  • types of packing and loading units

We support you in the following tasks:

  •  Improving the accuracy of demand forecasting by means of advanced methods.
  •  Selection of the appropriate inventory models through simulation and optimisation.
  •  Analysis of the impact of different inventory policies on supply chain processes.
  •  Selection of the type of supply (centralised / decentralised).
  •  Selection of supply strategies (direct replenishment, stocked flow, crossdocking).
  •  Replenishment / reorder matrix policy.
Other Support

Risk Corps provides and manages various other mission support services to our clients:

  • Refurbishments (vehicles, aircraft, small arms, etc)
  • Mechanical Services
  • Recreational centers
  • Architectural and Engineering
  • and more...