Risk Corps Humanitarian Logistics

Risk Corps is dedicated to creating a safe environment within which local communities can thrive. We are eager to participate in any humanitarian operations aiming to save lives, alleviate suffering and enhance the general well-being of society.

Many humanitarian operations take place during times of crisis, man-made or natural, or during the aftermath of a crisis. Risk Corp is more than capable of operating efficiently under such circumstances.

Mine Action & Ordinance Disposal

Risk Corps has the ability to mobilise teams to locate, identify, secure and dispose of stray ammunition, Unexploded Ordnance [UXO] and Explosive Remnants of War [ERW] which still exist in former battle fields or other areas such as commercial and illegal mining sites.

Risk Corps can provide the following services:

  • landmine and battle area clearance
  • canine services (explosive detection dogs EDD, mine detection dogs MDD)
  • stockpiles destruction
  • security and inventory management
  • mobilization of an EOD team to conduct ERW and UXOs destruction, involving the destruction stray ammunition, air-dropped ordnance, missiles and UXOs and damaged or abandoned commercial explosives in various locations across the globe.
  • provide technical assistance to different ammunition technical departments at various security organizations covering basic ammunition handling training and stockpile management.
  • conduct remote operations and survey into regions where ERW and UXOs exist in previous battle areas.
  • meet with local authorities and head of villages and get information about existing ERW and UXOs in the villages.
  • facilitate ERW, UXOs, stray ammunition and Man-portable air defense systems [MANPADS] destruction efforts.
  • ┬ánational capacity building by basic EOD Trainings and munitions
  • physical security and stockpiles management is improved through formal and informal Training of relevant national staff.
  • prevention of excess (or otherwise at-risk) ERW and munitions from human and civilian casualties.
Contingency Operations

Assisted by a global network of local partners and expertise, as well as internationally trained and experienced personnel, we have the ability to aid humanitarian objectives worldwide.

  • aid distribution
  • evacuations
  • disaster relief and planning
  • crisis management
Capacity Building & Mentoring

Risk Corps can assist clients in the enhancement workforce capacity, both locally or internationally. We work closely with any organisation including international donors and governments. Human rights, law and stability are deeply valued and fundamental in all our endeavors.