Environmental Legacy Trust

Risk Corps Environmental Legacy Trust

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes a trust, set up and supported by Risk Corps through the donation of funds, manpower and fund raisers. The small and effective board of trustees ensure that the funds reach their intended initiative, eliminating wasteful management spending. The ELT works directly with other organisations which share its goals.

The Environmental Legacy Trust (ELT) seeks to provide funding for important ecology-related endeavours, dedicated to the preservation and security of Africa’s precious natural resources. At a time of unprecedented environmental degradation, the main purpose of the ELT is to ensure our unique and imperilled natural treasures receive whatever resources necessary to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy them and benefit from them as much as those of the past.

The trust seeks to increase awareness of under-reported topics, aid in ecological research, and secure community-level development. The trust helps remote communities gain access to medical care by hosting regular clinics in these areas. Furthermore, the trust is involved in educational and vocational training as a means to benefit to conservation efforts.